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Working with Wood - Antique Barnwood

At The Growler Girdle we handcraft exquisite items from a variety of woods. Each wood requires a certain technique to get it just right and bring out its natural beauty. Antique Barnwood requires extremely gentle handling - there are deep grooves and lots of weathering, and the wood can feel a bit fragile. Sanding it is a very meticulous process and we always have to look out for any stray pieces of old metal, including buckshot! Despite the challenges, a finished Antique Barnwood product is truly a thing of beauty and a piece of history that tells its own story. The dark ages lines compliment the sanded gold and tan tones and the various old tool marks gives hints of its past life. Due to the grooved age lines, we usually do not engrave Antique Barnwood items. We use barnwood from our own homestead, which is over 120 years old. You can find our Antique Barnwood in our Growler Girdles and Grunts.


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