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The Growler Guys

Crafting With Class Since 1982

-   ABOUT US  -

Personalized Beer Growlers

Like many  good ideas, ours was born in a brewery, beer in hand in Western Montana. The father of the business, Eric, has spent over 35 years perfecting the craft of woodworking--from fine cabinets and finish carpentry to the challenges of wooden boat making and interior design. His children grew up watching him work in his shop and absorbed some small degree of his skills, as well as a passion for woodworking. In the fall of 2015 Eric and Jacob were sitting in a brewery in Missoula, MT, pondering life in the ways only a good beer can make you do, when Jacob challenged his father to "build something wooden to fit a beer growler." A few interesting prototypes later and The Growler Girdle was born!

Our love of finely made beverages is combined with our passionate craftsmanship in these pieces of functional art. If you feel a sense of joy and awe when you pick up one of our creations then we know we've done our work well.

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