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Caring for your Growler Girdle Products

Functional Art - Purpose & Beauty

  • In a Growler Girdle the glass, wood and copper form one piece, permanently sealed together.  Do not attempt to remove the wood!  Your Growler Girdle is a solid, one-piece growler. 

  • Each Growler Girdle is handcrafted, and as such there will be variations in appearance, tone and color.  This is part of what makes them so special!

  • We call our products functional art - they are all works of art that have a purpose.  Take good care of them and they'll take good care of your beverages.

  • The cap included with your Growler Girdle is resealable and reusable.


          Cleaning Guidelines (Growler Girdles and Grunts)

  • To clean inside your growler, simply rinse the inside and let it air dry.

  • The wooden exterior can be dusted with a dry rag and cleaned with a damp sponge, if necessary.

  • Do not submerge or soak your Growler Girdle, especially in chemicals.  Some breweries might soak your growler in a chemical bath before filling it - this would damage any wooden item, so make sure to ask them beforehand.

  • Copper will naturally gain a patina over time.  This website includes several natural methods for cleaning and polishing copper, if needed. 

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