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Growler Carriers - Old and New

How do you carry your beer growlers? With the explosion of craft breweries across the country and the availability of quality beers on tap, there comes an increase in people carrying growlers full of delicious beverages. More and more customers want to bring home a variety, filling up two or more growlers of varying sizes. The best thing about a growler is that it can be filled with beer, cider, soda, kombucha, mead and more. The worst part about a growler is carrying it when it's full! No matter how the glass handle is shaped or sized, it's just not very comfortable for one or two fingers to hold. So what can you do? There are various bags, wooden crates, insulated rubber options, leather carriers for your bicycle and more. Each one helps, but they have their downsides too. Our solution for a growler carrier is the Growler Cuff. A Growler Cuff is handcrafted from wood and leather, and is designed to carry two growlers of any volume at the same time. The weight of the growlers is dispersed and you carry them comfortably in one hand, not just one finger. The Growler Cuff is patent-pending, so you won't find anything else like it on the market!


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