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Made in America, Made in Montana

The last several months have forced a lot of businesses to adapt and be creative, just to try and stay afloat. Here at The Growler Girdle, we've focused on creating some new products. If we as a nation have learned anything from the last six months, it's that local economies are vital. The healthier and more sustainable a local economy is, the better it will survive during global difficulties.

So remember to support small businesses, and if you're looking for a piece of wooden decor that's made in the Bitterroot Valley, made in Montana, or made in the USA, we have several unique options!

Beer Growlers - Our specialty! This is where we got our start - handcrafted Growler Girdles, encased in wood and copper. Each one is a piece of functional art and they make awesome gifts. We can laser engrave most of them. Click here for the 64oz varieties and here for the 32oz version.

Wood Lamps - Our newest creation! These lamps are truly one-of-a-kind. We hollow out cross sections of blue pine, smooth it all by hand and the results are stunning. Lamps vary from 12-18 inches in circumference - if you need a specific size just ask. If you're searching for a gift or a piece of home decor that no one else will have, these are exactly what you need!

Custom Cribbage Boards - These are a labor of love! We drill all the holes by hand, and also offer laser engraving on all our custom cribbage boards. We keep running out of these, so it may take two weeks to get an order out. Click here to see our cribbage board selection, and email us if you need help choosing one.


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