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Gifts for Craft Beer Lovers

Wondering what to get for the craft beer lover in your life? The world of craft brewing is always changing, and there are countless beverages to choose from. Finding a gift for a craft brew enthusiast can seem daunting, but we have the answer - a handcrafted Growler Girdle! A Growler Girdle is the most unique beer growler you can find. Each one is handcrafted by our family in Montana, USA. We start with a glass growler and permanently encase it in a "girdle" of wood and copper. We use a variety of woods, and each one has its own character and feel. Looking for something regal or executive? Try the Dark Walnut! For a real Christmas spirit, we have the exquisite Father Christmas Grunts and Growlers. For something totally out of the ordinary, we have the Lump of Coal Growlers and Grunts - these solid black beer growlers make quite an impression! Our Growlers are 64oz and the Grunts are 32oz. If you want to add words or an image, choose the custom engraving option. You can always contact us here with any questions.


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