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Father Christmas

Here at The Growler Girdle, working with wood continually inspires us. Eastern Red Cedar, also known as Tennessee Cedar, is a brilliantly colored wood that always looks new and shiny - the colors are so vibrant it looks almost alive. Antique Barnwood is in some ways the opposite - its surface is deeply grooved, aged and scarred. Just looking at it makes us appreciate its age and we can't help but wonder what stories it would tell if it could talk. It takes careful sanding and attention to detail to bring out the colors in the barnwood. When we thought about the liveliness of the cedar and the weathered age of the barnwood, we thought about Christmas. And that's how our Father Christmas Growlers and Grunts were born! Christmas is a season both of memories and hope, old and new, and so we mixed the Eastern Red Cedar with the Antique Barnwood, and the result was a work of art that we feel embodies the spirit of Christmas. If you're looking for a truly special Christmas gift, this could be it. Merry Christmas!


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