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Wooden Cribbage Board - Ambrosia Maple

Introducing a new member of The Growler Girdle family - Custom Cribbage Boards.  These gorgeous cribbage boards are handcrafted from either Blue Pine, Tennessee Red Cedar or Ambrosia Maple, with a traditional oval cribbage layout.  The center of the board can be customized with engraved text or an image.   To engrave text, simply put the words you want in the Custom Text box.  To engrave an image, please contact us via email and attach your image. 


Wooden Cribbage Board - Ambrosia Maple

  • Ambrosia maple comes from maple trees damaged by ambrosia beetles, which leave dark colorations, swirls and streaks.  This lighter hardwood is prized for guitars and wood turning.  We use this intriguing maple to create some of our most elegant Cribbage Boards, Growlers and Grunts.  The details in the wood are incredibly crisp and clear, and each of these fascinating Ambrosia Maple Cribbage Boards has a striking appearance.

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