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Sacred Heart of Jesus Votive Holder

Carved out from a single piece of Blue Pine, these Sacred Heart icons include a circular cutout that fits either a small votive candle or LED light.  (Candles/lights not included)  They are 6.5-7.5 inches tall and approximately 3 inches wide at the base. 

Each icon is made from a solid piece of Blue Pine. The image is transferred to the wood by hand (decoupage style) and the whole icon is then sealed to preserve the gorgeous natural wood texture and color.

*Please note that each piece can vary in terms of color, patterns, width and shape. Blue Pine is an exciting wood to work with because of its natural variety, and this means that no two pieces will look exactly the same. The images we add to the wood are the same every time, but they can also vary slightly due to the absorbency of the wood.

Sacred Heart of Jesus Votive Holder

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